Monday, July 20, 2009


Well between work and my other website I havn't had to much time on my hands - Now everyone else moved -Wow did Fox mess up or what ?

Just a few words here to say That I hope to be responding more to you guys and gals more - so be patient I have a lot goin on right now -

I consider you all family even Hanahan (He's more like the uncle no one talks about though) LMAO !!! J?K Hanman but you know that .

I hope you all are well and I look forward to spending more time in here soon.

Take it easy.. Mike N aka Jokerswild


  1. I really like the different looks that we can create on blogger. It seems to take a while to get much of a following. However, with fox refugees and blogspot regulars, it shouldn't take too long. Just like with Fox, you have to go out and comment in order to get comments, I guess.

    Enjoy! Look forward to reading your stuff on both sites.

  2. Hey JW! We are here in wont take you long to find us. Just make sure you are "following" everyone's blogs - then they show up on your dashboard.

    Also get me your email ( so I can invite you to the ex-foxsports group blog on here...

  3. One more time.....just because I slept with your Aunt doesn't make me your Uncle! LOL

  4. Starting to feel a little bit better about leaving that Fox Site. Lot of good friends over here....

  5. I've had alot on my plate as well. hope to see more of me soon. Glad you made it. I still have a hard time navigating Fox so I don't wander by there as much

  6. Joke on THIS!

    USC 18 Ohio State 15

    I love this game.

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